The Tailor’s shop was created in the ’50, producing kids clothes.

When the kids become adults, Paolo and Pinin decide to create amazing dresses for ceremonies and weddings.

Theirs creativity was especially focus in wedding dresses, people in town were saying: “The girls can’t get married without a dress designed by Grimaldi!”

Each dress was designed, realized first in paper pattern and then in shell until, at the final end, after choosing the design and style, in the favourite fabric.

Today the tailor’s shop has adapted its habit up to date keeping the traditional tailoring attitude.

The young bride is happy to try on the model already made and Battina, the second generation of the family shop, is following this new mood providing different samples, also in luxurious fabric, to make the future brides dream for a moment. When the pattern has been decided, the dress is being produced exactly as requested.

We are able to give also advises for the groom’s suit, because both dresses have to be in the same style and part of the same context: this is the real elegance by Coco Chanel.

Even the bridesmaids, the page boy, the relatives would be able to find the dress suitable for the event.

The wedding day a sailor will assist the bride, ironing the dress and helping her to wear it, following her to the venue.